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    Post by The New World on Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:25 pm

    The public declaration of war by the Anarchist group known as the Freedom 58 fell on frightened ears of party-goers during the 2020 New Years Celebration but were quickly forgotten about the next day. Media outlets around the world spent several weeks trying to discern the meaning behind the declaration and the mass hacking that left dozens of countries feeling incredibly vulnerable. In many countries several of the upper echelon in the governments disappeared for a several months in case a terrorist attack was aimed at them. Of course it never came and eventually the media stopped airing the message. Security began to become more lax again, though it still maintained the strict protocols of post 9/11.

    Despite the security the attacks were still able to be carried out flawlessly. No one knows when the attacks actually happened and they didn't even connect the dots when the first deaths started occurring with strange symptoms. At first the governments thought it was a fluke but then the President of the United States died of complication of Pneumonia and a High Fever. At first they thought it was because of the man's age or a complications of a preexisting illness but when his medical records were leaked people began to worry. Then the second hacking event happened.

    “We have killed your brothers and sisters. Your mothers and fathers. We have even killed your Emperor and you still have not figured out how. The deaths will tally and then there will be anarchy.”

    And they didn't lie. The death tally rose and rose until it was impossible to keep an accurate number of those who died. Flat surfaces inside the city were soon covered with posters of people searching for family members and friends as well as memorials for those who had died. The mountains of bodies grew to be so large that instead of burying them or storing them they began burning them, first saving their belongings and then they began dumping the bodies in pits that burned night and day. Some said they could smell the burning bodies from miles away.

    Then the scientists found what out what was causing the devastation. Someone had genetically modified SARS, Smallpox, and Bubonic Plague together to form the ultimate biological weapon. None were immune to the effects though some did survive the fever that plagued them. Evangelists began calling it the devil's work and the name took hold. It began being called The Pale Horse Virus by the super-religious but then the media began picking it up until everyone called it.

    Three years. One year is how long it took for what remained of the militaries of North America to seal their borders with large concrete walls that stretched from coast to coast. Two years is how long it took to quarantine the major cities with their own massive concrete walls to make sure the infection was spread. Too late of course. Bridges were destroyed to save supplies. First came the Golden Gate Bridge which was destroyed in a single night of explosions that shook the entire valley. Tunnels leaving the cities were collapsed or given a concrete cap several feet thick. Boats of all sizes were sunk whether people were aboard them or not. No gates or doors were built into the walls to stop any risk of people escaping alive. As a last ditch effort to keep people from trying to cross the border, mines and other sorts of goodies were planted within 100 yards of either side of the wall to stop people and vehicles from getting too close.

    With borders officially closed and the U.S., Canadian, and Mexican Military patrolling the borders with orders to shoot crosses, border patrol was retasked with stopping people from crossing the walls. The Government designed passes given to those who were virus free, having lived in quarantine for thirty days. These people were relocated to safe zones established by the Corps of Engineers. These pre-fab towns were the last hope for civilization inside North America. Inside these safe zones free of infection, democracy reigned. Soon the town mayors began to acquire more power until eventually they were leaders of their own independent country with their own private army of defected military personnel. There were even a few military coups that ended with a pre-fab being run by military defectors.

    With no contact from the U.S. Government or the CDC for nearly a year, people gave up hope and many commited suicide via border guard or crossing guard. As more and more members of the military defected less people tried to cross borders. The people within the Quarantine zones were the exception. Disease was rampant within the cities. The usual food drop eventually stopped and a food crisis began. New York City was one of the few exceptions to this. Central Park was converted to a massive farming area. Gangs of citizens carved their own little swathe of land from the park and sometimes even went to war to claim more. Still, they were cut off from the outside world with limited supplies.

    Eventually no one talked about being a citizen of the United States. Several of the Pre-fabs began issuing their own citizenship papers, of course they were based off of the United States citizenship papers.

    Now, 25 years later, we find people surviving just as they had done hundreds of years before. Horses being the primary mode of transportation with very few vehicles actually surviving the apocalypse. Gasoline, diesel, and other fuels were long since gone. Bio-diesel is made in small quantities and mainly used for generators. Most of the old timers likened the current times to the Wild West and they were right. Bandits and cannibals, sometimes one and the same, wandered the Wildlands looking for an easy mark or an easy meal.

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