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    Old World Cities

    The New World

    Posts : 20
    Join date : 2015-02-17

    Old World Cities

    Post by The New World on Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:16 pm

    These cities were once known for massive populations and thriving commercial centers.  Now they are known as walled cities containing nothing but death for those poor, lucky souls who are brave, or dumb, enough to venture into the city.  The cities are quite dangerous with packs of wild animals, scavengers with a penchant for human flesh, and bandits looking for an easy score.

    Surrounded by concrete walls that rival the height of most of the buildings around it, the Old World Cities as they have become known as, are difficult to get into and even more difficult to get out of alive.

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    The New World

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    Re: Old World Cities

    Post by The New World on Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:46 pm

    Despite being walled up for nearly twenty five years, and being looted for nearly ten, the cities are still filled with supplies that are unlikely to be found in the Wildlands. Most of these things will net you a tidy profit while the rest will make you richer beyond your wildest dreams. That is if you can find a way to get them out.

    Below are a list of items that can be found inside the cities:

    Firearms(All kinds)
    Meds/Medical Equipment
    Trade Crafts(Chemicals, metal, cloth, etc etc)
    The New World

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    Join date : 2015-02-17

    Re: Old World Cities

    Post by The New World on Mon Feb 23, 2015 8:55 pm

    Though surviving inside the city will be incredibly dangerous. Not only are there large pockets of Virus that travel throughout the city, but wild animals live throughout the cities. Anything from Lions descended from those who inhabited the zoos to wild dogs who ancestors were locked inside the cities with their owners. There is also the chance you will run across a few bandits or even a cannibal or two.

    Dangers Inside the Cities:

    Packs of Wild Animals(Dog, Wolves, Large Cats, Bears, Apes, Monkeys)
    Large Pockets of the Virus(Hazy yellow clouds moving through the city; No one knows from where)
    Other Scavengers

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    Re: Old World Cities

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