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    Pre-Fab Towns and Old World Towns

    The New World

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    Pre-Fab Towns and Old World Towns

    Post by The New World on Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:54 pm

    Pre-Fab Towns

    The current civilization within the former United States now most reside in either Prefabricated towns built by the Army Corps of Engineers before the Government finally disappeared.  The towns have since evolved into trade centers complete with walls made from either wooden logs or scrap metal.  A few years after the population began building back up Pre-Fab towns began electing their own governments usually lead by a Mayor usually.  Mayors were usually only that by name and more like President, Congress, and Senate all wrapped up in one person.  Sometimes, particularly liberal towns would establish a council of sorts to govern the psuedo-City State.

    Often times these city-states have established a force that acts as both a police force and a military force, often times conscripting of age people to help fight in defense of their town.
    The New World

    Posts : 20
    Join date : 2015-02-17

    Re: Pre-Fab Towns and Old World Towns

    Post by The New World on Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:06 pm

    A majority of towns use a Mayoral system with a city council to assist him. This would leave a majority of the decision making up to the Mayor and the Council to enact laws, much like the congress and senate of the Old World. This would make the Mayor the de facto leader of city with the power to do what he likes.

    A few, however, use a Council of sorts where people are elected to represent the interests of certain groups of citizens. This is often seen as a less corrupt way of Government than the Mayoral system, but not everything is true.

    To elect a Mayor, generally the citizens of the town vote for one of the several candidates running. Whoever has a majority vote, wins. Simple. One vote per citizen. On the site, the only votes that will tell who wins will be PC votes. Majority PC votes will declare the winner. To be a candidate you gotta actually do threads where you try to sway the votes in your direction.

    List of Governmental Positions:

    Town Council(Only if there is a Mayor)
    Sheriff(Leads the Police/Military Force)
    Records Keeper(Maintains Library/Teaches Children)

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